Lil’ Lady: A lifetime of UTI’s cured!

ladypug:donnaLil’ Lady is a pug with a history of 9 rounds of antibiotics and a resistant UTI. One of the biggest problems: Vets did not address the relationship between diet, urinary ph and UTI’s. In conjunction with diet changes and supplements, we discovered that Health Concern’s Isatis Gold cured her resistant infection. Also prescribed the usual: cranberry, D-mannose, Vit C, a urinary acidifyer and a diet with meat, veggies and minimal carbohydrates. UTI’s are tough because there needs to be excellent compliance. Clients need to monitor their dog’s urine with home urine reagent strips, get urinalysis and possible cultures at the regular vet and alter supplements according to symptoms and urinary ph and other readings. She is also on several herbal supplements and probiotics. We feel so happy she is back to her bad little pug self again. ladypuglick

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