Author: Dr. Donna Kelleher

Dori in pink

Dori’s bladder tumor: Disappeared with holistic treatments

Dori’s bladder tumor: Completely disappeared after a year of intensive herbal and holistic remedies. As a side benefit to the holistic protocol, her oral bone resorption seems to be normal too. The surgeons at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle would not resect the tumor because it was too close to vital structures. Using several successive ultrasounds through a boarded radiologist,… Read more →


Lil’ Lady: A lifetime of UTI’s cured!

Lil’ Lady is a pug with a history of 9 rounds of antibiotics and a resistant UTI. One of the biggest problems: Vets did not address the relationship between diet, urinary ph and UTI’s. In conjunction with diet changes and supplements, we discovered that Health Concern’s Isatis Gold cured her resistant infection. Also prescribed the usual: cranberry, D-mannose, Vit C,… Read more →

French bulldog with skin issues better

Week in the Life of Holistic Vet:

Hi people! Today I thought I would post a wrap up of cases from this week as a change from the usual posts where I focus on one dog at a time. Four older dog arthritis cases got better:  Some from just chiropractic and acupuncture; some with herbs such as boswellia, corydalis, dogwood and boneset powders in the food, some… Read more →

Bettie's weight is 8 lbs (up from 6.5 lbs) and her T4 is now 1.1 down from 8.4.

Bettie’s hyperthyroid reversed

Feline hyperthyroid disease is very common in cats over the age of ten years old.  We think some of the causes may be excess iodine levels in the commercial food, excess halogenation (Bromine, or bromide,  Flouride, Chloride from water and flame retardants) which competitively bumps iodine off receptors in the thyroid gland, excess heavy metals in food and environment, excess… Read more →


Accident prone Thoroughbred: Herbs to rescue

Charlie, this twenty-four year old TB gelding pulled his lower lid from his left eye and one week later it was almost entirely healed using only herbal medicine. Internally: Oregon grape root, gotu kola and sarsparilla powders as well as homeopathic Arnica montana 30C. Externally, my homemade salve with plantain, calendula, comfrey and Hypericum in an organic olive oil/bees wax… Read more →


Training from the Heart with Frederick Pignon and Magali Delgado

Last month many of you know I was lucky enough to participate in a five day clinic with the founders of Cavalia, an amazing presentation of how horses and humans can dance, celebrate and perform tricks and acrobatics together. Frederick and Magali toured for seven years with Cavalia and now their focus has turned to their new show  During my… Read more →


Holistic help for osteosarcoma

I interrupt your daily catastrophic weather report to tell you about Jefferson. He is a dear silver Lab who was diagnosed a year ago with osteosarcoma in the left humerus. Recommendations for amputation were ignored by his people because he has arthritis in the other 3 limbs and I recommended against radiation. Instead we did a 100% holistic protocol with… Read more →


Wilson: Skin allergies all cleared!

Wilson’s person wanted to avoid steroids, antibiotics, Atopica and Apoquell this year so she came to me for five sessions. We cleared his allergies with acupuncture and NAET and are rotating his proteins monthly.  We used a few different herbal combinations to help the liver. Notice that his redness is along the ventral abdomen where the Liver, Spleen and Kidney… Read more →


Mullein: Respiratory tract medicine!

Verbascum thapsus or mullein may often be found along ditches and roadsides, but it’s a powerful medicine for a dry inflamed respiratory tract. The Latin Verbascum comes from the word barbascum which means “with beard”, owing to the leaf’s soft hairs, a doctrine of signatures for the hair-like cilia along the respiratory tract that aids in sweeping viruses and bacteria along this… Read more →


What makes dogs itch?

With the epidemic of dogs itching, I have to remember that it is normal for dogs to scratch here and there. But if your dog chews at one spot, scratches more than a few seconds or itches several times a day, interrupting normal behaviors like sleeping or playing, your dog may have a problem that will not get better without… Read more →

Cat Class pic9

‘The Holistic Cat: A Healthier Path’ March 7th, 7-9pm Fairhaven Library (Bellingham, WA)

Join Dr. Donna for an evening of learning about holistic treatments and preventative care for cats! She’ll be discussing how to prevent common feline problems and diseases, and sharing valuable holistic at-home cat care tips. Ample time will be provided for Q&A following the presentation, and attendees will receive a handout of Dr. Donna’s Feline Wellness Tips (including important info… Read more →