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Holistic approach to Syringomyelia (SM) in King Charles Cavalier Spaniels

Syringomyelia (SM) is a common genetic condition of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels which can often be controlled with holistic medicine. In my experience, this disease often has a close association with food allergies.  SM occurs when a Cavalier is born with a small skull and fluid pressure pushes on the spinal cord. The most common symptom is scratching at the shoulder… Read more →


Six steps to prevent disc disease and back problems

Six steps to prevent back problems in susceptible breeds: Anti-inflammatory diet (cooked or raw meat, veggies, calcium and other minerals – see below) Gentle chiropractic every 2 months to help keep the spine as aligned as possible Daily walks to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments strong Vitamin and minerals (especially selenium, zinc, iodine and magnesium) Reducing inflammation generally (take care… Read more →


Gentle chiropractic and acupuncture improves back problems quickly

Disc and back problems have always been veterinary acupuncture’s claim to fame. Fully paralyzed dogs can often walk within a few weeks after beginning a series of treatments (without the side effects of medications). Years ago, before veterinary acupuncture was readily available, dogs with back problems were often prescribed steroids for inflammation and placed in a small crate for several… Read more →


Holistic Treatment of Wobblers Syndrome in a Doberman

Fred first came into my office in 2012 when he was only 3 years old. He was uncoordinated, wobbly and ataxic in his back legs, and his front legs were very stiff. This is a common presentation for wobblers syndrome or cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM).  Wobblers syndrome is a disease of the cervical (neck) spine that is commonly seen in large and giant-breed… Read more →


Canine Epilepsy and Hind Limb Weakness – A Holistic Approach

Niko is a German Shepherd first afflicted with epileptic seizures at five years of age. Despite having seen two neurologists, undergone many MRI’s and taking four pharmaceutical medications, when I first examined him four years ago, he was seizuring 5 to 6 times a day. Ironically, holistic medicine was only suggested as a last resort. Now, with holistic medicine, he… Read more →


Hip Dysplasia vs Hip Arthritis: How to help the coxofemoral joint

Cody is a twelve year-old German Shepherd with a long medical history. His hips have been stiff, sore and arthritic for several years, but acupuncture, herbs and a raw diet have helped him remain mobile. In this case, Cody has both hip arthritis and hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a genetic problem common in German Shepherds and is diagnosed as such… Read more →


Urinary incontinence in an older Dalmatian

JJ is a thirteen year-old Dalmatian with a history of urinary incontinence for years. Dogs like JJ, with true urinary incontinence, do not know they have dribbled or urinated. This often happens while they sleep. Conventional treatment often includes phenylpropanalamine, a drug that tightens the urethral sphincter, and can save the dog’s life if their person can’t deal with urine… Read more →

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Lipomas – A Holistic Approach

Ever wonder why your dog grows all those fatty lumps, and why, if you get them removed, they often come back in the same location? Holistic medicine explains why dogs consolidate phlegm along specific acupuncture meridians and how these lumps can be prevented or cured in their early stages. We need to look at the whole picture when it comes to… Read more →

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries

What You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else I’ve decided to write about Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) injuries partly because I’m frequently asked about treatment options, but also because everyone should understand why some surgical treatment options are commonly performed without first trying less invasive methods of healing. Some of the most common and popular methods of surgical treatment are not necessarily the… Read more →


CCL Injuries and Aging (Case Study: Abbey)

Treating CCL Injuries in Senior Pets Many pet caregivers are thankful for alternative treatment options for their older pets. If a patient is over 12-years-old, I consider recommending the following: Homeopathic: Administer Arnica Montana 30C every four hours for five days if possible. *Remember to avoid touching the pellets with your hands. Herbs: Many herbs are helpful in reducing inflammation and aid… Read more →


Helping to Control Seizures

Raven is a Schipperke with a fiery personality and history of frequent seizures, itchy skin and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Her person brought her to me because she didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals to control Raven’s seizures. I treated her seizures with acupuncture and a prescribed diet that included herbs. Consistently adhering to the prescribed diet with herbs significantly reduced… Read more →


How does acupuncture help after back surgery?

Emma had back surgery five years ago but still had severe spasms after surgery. Rather than stay on perpetual medications, she started getting acupuncture and gentle chiropractic to help the nerves work better. If the nerves are mis-firing onto the neuromuscular junctions, pain and spasms in the muscle result but acupuncture can greatly help restore proper spinal function and movement… Read more →


Acupuncture for a Ruptured CCL

Chika is a 13 year old Chihuahua. She is such a nice girl and allows me acupuncture her knees.  She ruptured her right cruciate ligament (like the ACL in humans) many years ago. In order to keep her liver and kidneys happy, she is getting acupuncture instead of medications to suppress inflammation. The acupuncture helps prevent pain and keeps swelling/inflammation… Read more →


Gracie’s IBD & Diarrhea Cured

Gracie, the two year old Golden with severe IBD and diarrhea is cured!  Her total protein and her weight are both normal. No more acupuncture, reducing herbal treatment, but she will stay on her homemade diet of meat and veggies (cooked). She was hospitalized previously for a week, only to become sicker on immune-suppressing medications. In holistic medicine we do… Read more →


Gently Treating Jenny’s Mast Cell Tumor

This is Jenny, a 17 year-old tabby cat.  She sleeps at the crook of her human’s elbow. She was diagnosed with a mast-cell tumor on her right flank. Instead of surgery (she has a heart issue), we are trying herbs. When dogs get mast cell cancer, we should take quick action to remove the tumor.  Usually, the herbs and occasional… Read more →