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Holistic Approach to Coughing in Dogs and Cats

Lung problems are very common in dogs and cats as they age.   Fluid retention or inflammation around the bronchioles, laryngeal folds or laryngeal paralysis, as well as other respiratory abnormalities occur more frequently with age. Herbal therapies offer relief from symptoms and sometimes even provide a cure for bronchitis and other lung pathology while pharmaceuticals are often very limited in their effectiveness.… Read more →


Help itchy skin, digestion and other immune problems

On October 30th at 4-5:30 pm, I will be sharing several important tips on how to prevent immune mediated diseases. We are not selling any products. This way we can concentrate on the knowledge you need to know to be preventative and proactive. I want to share photos and videos of my cases with you over the past twenty years.… Read more →


Interdigital cysts : Causes and holistic solutions

Interdigital cysts are a common problem, especially with webbed footed dogs like Labradors and Vizslas, but they can occur in other breeds too, often causing lameness and pain. They can occur in conjunction with skin allergies or by themselves and happen when the Liver manifests toxic changes through the skin. They are common in the weeks after giving numerous vaccinations at once or… Read more →


Blanca’s skin better!

For many months, Blanca’s skin allergies and secondary yeast infection (black colored) was treated with western medicine: Ketoconazole, antibiotics, steroids and Apoquell, but her immune system adapted until she became resistant. With single protein rotation, herbs to control the yeast, and only 5 NAET visits, we have discontinued treatments because she no longer needed them.     Here is what… Read more →

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Mick’s Hives or Acute Urticaria: Part 3

In Part One and Two, we learned that Mick’s stubborn hives had diminished slightly with the treatment of homeopathic remedies (Apis 200C) and Nettles, cleavers tea. After three treatments of each, his hives were perhaps 30-40% improved, but usually by now those treatments work well. After a cool bath did little to resolve his hives, I resorted to acupuncture. Many… Read more →


Why All These Ear Infections?

Dogs and cats develop ear infections very commonly but they can be prevented by understanding potential causes, the role of normal flora and how to influence those protective bacteria, as well as using holistic techniques to kill the yeast. Symptoms can range from mild or occasional ear scratching to severe discomfort to ear flapping and head shaking and the subsequent… Read more →

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Allergy Signs, Symptoms & Treatment (Case Study: JoJo)

JoJo is a seven year-old rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever with a history of intermittent ear infections, itchy skin and diabetes insipidus which was cured when he was younger with herbs and acupuncture. He was very fearful when rescued and his people did a lot of training and socialization to help him. Since his kidneys were affected by fear and we… Read more →


Treating Chipper’s Severe Allergies

Chipper is a four year-old whose skin allergies were so bad, his people took turns holding him at night to prevent him from chewing sores especially between the legs and around the tail. He had no fleas. The regular vet prescribed antibiotics (which helped) and steroids (which made him crazy). Both these medications had poor long term side effects. With… Read more →


Meet Kitty, 5 year-old male neutered domestic long hair rescue

History: Mild hyperesthesia or skin twitching around his back end. When we touched his sacrum, he licked incessantly at his front foot. Conventional treatment: None. This condition is not readily treated using Western medicine. Usually, anti-inflammatories including steroids, or prednisone, are used. Current holistic therapies: Chiropractic and acupuncture and NAET to find that Kitty had a chicken allergy that accentuated… Read more →


Meet Carlos, 8 year-old male neutered mixed breed

History: Mild allergies manifesting as itchy skin, hip dysplasia on left hip, moderate partial tear of right cranial cruciate Current problems: Holding right hind leg up when he is too active, cries when he gets up. Conventional treatments: NSAIDs and surgery, both of which the owner declined. Current Holistic therapy: Acupuncture, chiropractic, aquapuncture around the hips and knees (into specific… Read more →


Meet Burl, 5 year-old male neutered English bulldog

History: Bulldogs have medical problems!But Burl has had fewer than usual.At four months old, his recurrent aspiration pneumonia was due to elongated soft palate; that surgery we could not avoid.Epilepsy, right carpal arthritis. Current problems:Only had three seizures in his life but the last one was severe, lasting many minutes. Conventional treatment:Anti-convulsant therapies were considered but avoided, due to potential… Read more →