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Hip Dysplasia vs Hip Arthritis: How to help the coxofemoral joint

Cody is a twelve year-old German Shepherd with a long medical history. His hips have been stiff, sore and arthritic for several years, but acupuncture, herbs and a raw diet have helped him remain mobile. In this case, Cody has both hip arthritis and hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a genetic problem common in German Shepherds and is diagnosed as such… Read more →


Chloe is sixteen years old!

Chloe first came to me ten years ago with her inflammatory bowel disease. Medications and diet changes could not solve her ongoing diarrhea. But luckily, upon diagnosing her with multiple food sensitivities, her person was willing to cook.  Look how bright she looks at sixteen years old.  She is on herbs to strengthen her thyroid, liver, kidneys and heart which… Read more →