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Ten tips to help prevent cancer

Cancer has increasingly become one of the most important health problems in dogs, cats and all species and over my twenty years of practice. Through diligent note taking and attention to details, I have found certain things to be vital in the prevention of many diseases, including cancer. We are in a time when cancer-causing chemicals are very common in… Read more →

Dog with carrots

Cancer Prevention: The Diet

In months to come I’ll be sharing all of my Ten Steps for Preventing Cancer in Dogs and Cats. It’s my hope today’s post will spark a conversation amongst Pack Members about the impact of dietary choices we make for our pets, and the role of diet in preventing, slowing or encouraging cancer growth. Additionally important is understanding which vitamins and minerals… Read more →


Treating Mast Cell Tumor with Herbs & Supplements

Update on Jenny, the kitty with the mast cell tumor.  Her tumor is doing great! We are at 3 months and it might even be smaller.  We are treating it with one drop of Cod liver oil, 5 drops of Seven Precious Mushrooms, 1/8 tsp Stasis breaker with canned food not kibble. In general, the best time to seek out… Read more →