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Feline Wellness 2

Feline Wellness Part 2

My hope in sharing insights about feline wellness from a holistic or preventative point of view is to help the caretaker become more aware of early signs of disease and illness, and ultimately prevent health issues from escalating, or perhaps ever occurring. Some detection methods are best performed by a veterinarian, but many can be observed by the caretaker. Providing… Read more →

billie in bag

Feline Wellness The Natural Way (Case Study: Billie)

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Anitra Frasier who wrote the ground breaking book, “The Natural Cat.”  Anitra was not a veterinarian, but she had decades of experience rescuing and caring for people’s cats.  She’d get on her bicycle with her supplies and do house calls to show people how to correctly trim nails, clean ears, groom and… Read more →