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Is a vegan diet appropriate for dogs and cats

Since 1989, I have been a vegan myself (now I do eat some eggs from neighbor chickens) so I do understand why people want to feed their dogs a vegan diet. The range and bioavailability of amino acids is the real challenge with feeding a vegan diet to our canine and feline friends. Synthetic protein sources have inherent problems even… Read more →


The Energetics and Phytochemicals of Vegetables

Phytochemicals are an extremely important part of holistic healing. Using specific vegetables, we can balance the body’s energy, tonify certain organs and promote long-lasting cures and healing with very little effort. I always try to encourage clients that have dogs and cats with cancer, digestive issues, auto-immune disease, skin inflammation or arthritis to grind fresh vegetables into their pet’s food… Read more →


Does too much protein damage the kidneys and liver?

How much protein is the right amount? A few months ago, I saw a young Boxer with a history of liver disease, possibly present at birth. The specialists found no obvious portosystemic shunt, so his treatment from his regular veterinarian involved a severe protein reduction. When I saw him, his muscles had wasted and he was very thin. He did… Read more →

Dog with carrots

Cancer Prevention: The Diet

In months to come I’ll be sharing all of my Ten Steps for Preventing Cancer in Dogs and Cats. It’s my hope today’s post will spark a conversation amongst Pack Members about the impact of dietary choices we make for our pets, and the role of diet in preventing, slowing or encouraging cancer growth. Additionally important is understanding which vitamins and minerals… Read more →


CCL Injuries and Aging (Case Study: Abbey)

Treating CCL Injuries in Senior Pets Many pet caregivers are thankful for alternative treatment options for their older pets. If a patient is over 12-years-old, I consider recommending the following: Homeopathic: Administer Arnica Montana 30C every four hours for five days if possible. *Remember to avoid touching the pellets with your hands. Herbs: Many herbs are helpful in reducing inflammation and aid… Read more →


Calming Anxiety with Food

Brain Function and Anxiety Anxiety is a huge issue for many animals, as well as their humans. Scientists know that the brain’s nucleus accumbens, amygdala and hippocampus are a classic triad in neural circuitry that drives anxiety disorders. The hippocampus is mainly associated with making memories (a memory alone can trigger anxiety), but it’s also where new neurons are created.… Read more →