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Ashwagandha: an amazing herb!

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera is one of our most wonderful plant allies with use dating back thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. We found a patch of plants in a temple garden in Rishikesh, India and chose to talk about one of the ashwagandha plants which was growing up through the gravel pathway like a weed, it’s small round red… Read more →

Bear bovier

Holistic Approach to Coughing in Dogs and Cats

Lung problems are very common in dogs and cats as they age.   Fluid retention or inflammation around the bronchioles, laryngeal folds or laryngeal paralysis, as well as other respiratory abnormalities occur more frequently with age. Herbal therapies offer relief from symptoms and sometimes even provide a cure for bronchitis and other lung pathology while pharmaceuticals are often very limited in their effectiveness.… Read more →


Healing the Body and the Spirit

Maude is now seventeen years young and she was born on her person’s daughter’s birthday. Ten years ago, I met Maude because I cured her IBD with NAET, diet changes and herbs. Since then we have used holistic modalities to help treat her kidneys, thyroid, arthritis and prevent heart disease, which is very common in Yorkies and other small breeds.… Read more →


Does too much protein damage the kidneys and liver?

How much protein is the right amount? A few months ago, I saw a young Boxer with a history of liver disease, possibly present at birth. The specialists found no obvious portosystemic shunt, so his treatment from his regular veterinarian involved a severe protein reduction. When I saw him, his muscles had wasted and he was very thin. He did… Read more →


CCL Injuries and Aging (Case Study: Abbey)

Treating CCL Injuries in Senior Pets Many pet caregivers are thankful for alternative treatment options for their older pets. If a patient is over 12-years-old, I consider recommending the following: Homeopathic: Administer Arnica Montana 30C every four hours for five days if possible. *Remember to avoid touching the pellets with your hands. Herbs: Many herbs are helpful in reducing inflammation and aid… Read more →