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Healing the Body and the Spirit

Maude is now seventeen years young and she was born on her person’s daughter’s birthday. Ten years ago, I met Maude because I cured her IBD with NAET, diet changes and herbs. Since then we have used holistic modalities to help treat her kidneys, thyroid, arthritis and prevent heart disease, which is very common in Yorkies and other small breeds.… Read more →

Sage Jewels

Lipomas – A Holistic Approach

Ever wonder why your dog grows all those fatty lumps, and why, if you get them removed, they often come back in the same location? Holistic medicine explains why dogs consolidate phlegm along specific acupuncture meridians and how these lumps can be prevented or cured in their early stages. We need to look at the whole picture when it comes to… Read more →


Welcome to the Whole Pet Vet blog. In this blog, I will be sharing stories of the current animals I am treating through holistic veterinary medicine as well as observations, stories about my own animal family, and our travels. I hope you will enjoy and learn from these remarkable stories. Even though I have been practicing for more than 15… Read more →