Category: Holistic veterinary medicine


Healing the Body and the Spirit

Maude is now seventeen years young and she was born on her person’s daughter’s birthday. Ten years ago, I met Maude because I cured her IBD with NAET, diet changes and herbs. Since then we have used holistic modalities to help treat her kidneys, thyroid, arthritis and prevent heart disease, which is very common in Yorkies and other small breeds.… Read more →


The Energetics and Phytochemicals of Vegetables

Phytochemicals are an extremely important part of holistic healing. Using specific vegetables, we can balance the body’s energy, tonify certain organs and promote long-lasting cures and healing with very little effort. I always try to encourage clients that have dogs and cats with cancer, digestive issues, auto-immune disease, skin inflammation or arthritis to grind fresh vegetables into their pet’s food… Read more →