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Holistic approach to Syringomyelia (SM) in King Charles Cavalier Spaniels

Syringomyelia (SM) is a common genetic condition of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels which can often be controlled with holistic medicine. In my experience, this disease often has a close association with food allergies.  SM occurs when a Cavalier is born with a small skull and fluid pressure pushes on the spinal cord. The most common symptom is scratching at the shoulder… Read more →


Help itchy skin, digestion and other immune problems

On October 30th at 4-5:30 pm, I will be sharing several important tips on how to prevent immune mediated diseases. We are not selling any products. This way we can concentrate on the knowledge you need to know to be preventative and proactive. I want to share photos and videos of my cases with you over the past twenty years.… Read more →