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Hericium americanum: A food mushroom that supports the nervous system

Hericium mushroom is a beautiful loamy white mushroom that goes by many names: lion’s mane mushroom, boar’s head mushroom and bear’s head mushroom, among others, but all Hericium species are equally medicinal and support the nervous system. Numerous studies have proven that Hericium can help the body quickly heal damaged nerves and can aid in nerve growth and differentiation.  It is also… Read more →


Treating Mast Cell Tumor with Herbs & Supplements

Update on Jenny, the kitty with the mast cell tumor.  Her tumor is doing great! We are at 3 months and it might even be smaller.  We are treating it with one drop of Cod liver oil, 5 drops of Seven Precious Mushrooms, 1/8 tsp Stasis breaker with canned food not kibble. In general, the best time to seek out… Read more →


Grill Time

Here is Jeff posing in front of the grill. The only lesson in grills we got from beer commercials. Since we don’t have a television, they’re old commercials. To get in the spirit of grilling, Jeff is enjoying a Fish Ale, which he generally does not drink, and acting like he knows what he is doing. Ugh, vegetarians! By this… Read more →



Jeff and I recently attended a two-day seminar on mushroom cultivation presented by Fungi Perfecti, a grower of medicinal mushrooms near Olympia. Author and mushroom guru Paul Stamets along with Fungi Perfecti staff taught us tissue culture, spawn generation techniques, substrate preparation, inoculation techniques and strategies for maximizing yields. Mushrooms play a huge role in boosting our pets (and our… Read more →