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Six steps to prevent disc disease and back problems

Six steps to prevent back problems in susceptible breeds: Anti-inflammatory diet (cooked or raw meat, veggies, calcium and other minerals – see below) Gentle chiropractic every 2 months to help keep the spine as aligned as possible Daily walks to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments strong Vitamin and minerals (especially selenium, zinc, iodine and magnesium) Reducing inflammation generally (take care… Read more →


Gentle chiropractic and acupuncture improves back problems quickly

Disc and back problems have always been veterinary acupuncture’s claim to fame. Fully paralyzed dogs can often walk within a few weeks after beginning a series of treatments (without the side effects of medications). Years ago, before veterinary acupuncture was readily available, dogs with back problems were often prescribed steroids for inflammation and placed in a small crate for several… Read more →


Hip Dysplasia vs Hip Arthritis: How to help the coxofemoral joint

Cody is a twelve year-old German Shepherd with a long medical history. His hips have been stiff, sore and arthritic for several years, but acupuncture, herbs and a raw diet have helped him remain mobile. In this case, Cody has both hip arthritis and hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a genetic problem common in German Shepherds and is diagnosed as such… Read more →


Interdigital cysts : Causes and holistic solutions

Interdigital cysts are a common problem, especially with webbed footed dogs like Labradors and Vizslas, but they can occur in other breeds too, often causing lameness and pain. They can occur in conjunction with skin allergies or by themselves and happen when the Liver manifests toxic changes through the skin. They are common in the weeks after giving numerous vaccinations at once or… Read more →


Boneset: Eupatorium perfoliatum

Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) reaches 2-5 feet in height and has erect hairy stems. It has wrinkled, narrow leaves with yellow resin dots (medicine packs) and the flowers have a purplish white color. It is a very old flu remedy which has what we call “side-benefits” in herbal medicine. One of these is it’s effectiveness in treating very deep “bone-breaking” pain in… Read more →

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Holistic Treatment of Post Surgical Pain (Case Study: Emma)

Emma is a nine year-old chocolate Labrador with a history of lumbar disc herniation and surgery. Several months after surgery, despite medications, she had back spasms following very slight neurological stimulation (being toweled off or touched on her sides). We used gentle chiropractic and acupuncture to help her pain, open up blocked channels or meridians and help with range of… Read more →


Holistic Treatment of Post Surgical Pain (Case Study: Rorschach)

Rorschach is a twelve year-old kitty, who at just two years-old was unable to walk. Acupuncture for his low back and hips helped him get back on his feet, walking normally again. After being evaluated and treated by multiple veterinarians, he ultimately had surgery in which both femoral heads were removed (bilateral femoral head resection). However, even after surgery he… Read more →


How does acupuncture help after back surgery?

Emma had back surgery five years ago but still had severe spasms after surgery. Rather than stay on perpetual medications, she started getting acupuncture and gentle chiropractic to help the nerves work better. If the nerves are mis-firing onto the neuromuscular junctions, pain and spasms in the muscle result but acupuncture can greatly help restore proper spinal function and movement… Read more →