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chuchi japanese chin

A Discussion about Gentle Chiropractic Treatment

Chuchi is a Japenese chin with a history of jumping off furniture, which would throw his back out and eventually lead to seizures. I used an upper cervical chiropractic technique to align his spine, allowing the spinal nerves to innervate tissues normally and decrease spasms in the neck and back. In this video I discuss his subluxation, a left occiput… Read more →


Meet Burl, 5 year-old male neutered English bulldog

History: Bulldogs have medical problems!But Burl has had fewer than usual.At four months old, his recurrent aspiration pneumonia was due to elongated soft palate; that surgery we could not avoid.Epilepsy, right carpal arthritis. Current problems:Only had three seizures in his life but the last one was severe, lasting many minutes. Conventional treatment:Anti-convulsant therapies were considered but avoided, due to potential… Read more →