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Is a vegan diet appropriate for dogs and cats

Since 1989, I have been a vegan myself (now I do eat some eggs from neighbor chickens) so I do understand why people want to feed their dogs a vegan diet. The range and bioavailability of amino acids is the real challenge with feeding a vegan diet to our canine and feline friends. Synthetic protein sources have inherent problems even… Read more →


Factors in Urinary Tract Disease – The Emotions

Treatment of urinary and bladder problems requires a combination of Western and Eastern medicine knowledge. It is helpful to not only know how to read a laboratory urinalysis and it’s fine nuances, but also know the energetic patterns of the body that can contribute to urinary tract disease. I treat each urinary case differently. Here we will focus on two energetic, emotional causes… Read more →


Urinary incontinence in an older Dalmatian

JJ is a thirteen year-old Dalmatian with a history of urinary incontinence for years. Dogs like JJ, with true urinary incontinence, do not know they have dribbled or urinated. This often happens while they sleep. Conventional treatment often includes phenylpropanalamine, a drug that tightens the urethral sphincter, and can save the dog’s life if their person can’t deal with urine… Read more →


Helping to Control Seizures

Raven is a Schipperke with a fiery personality and history of frequent seizures, itchy skin and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Her person brought her to me because she didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals to control Raven’s seizures. I treated her seizures with acupuncture and a prescribed diet that included herbs. Consistently adhering to the prescribed diet with herbs significantly reduced… Read more →